Aether is a work of Burak Nehbit.

Technical Details

Aether is written in Python and Javascript. It uses Aether protocol, an application–layer protocol built on AMP. Source code can be found at the Github repository.


Twisted: Networking stack, protocol support. PyQt: Qt GUI bindings for Python. SQLAlchemy: Database API & ORM. PyObjC: Monkey patching for OS X. Ampoule: Interprocess communication for multiprocessor support. PyInstaller: Packaging for Windows, Mac and Linux. Angular.js: Front–end user interface, application, and sorting algorithms. SQLite: Database Qt: GUI kit used for WebKit instance. OpenSSL: Cryptography. MiniUPnPc: UPnP port mapping and NAT traversal for routers. uJSON: Cross–boundary messaging between Python and Javascript virtual machines.


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