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Open this website in a desktop computer to download Aether, or join the mailing list, so you'll be reminded.


Source code is available here. The principal reason source is available is to allow you to compile it yourself, should you choose to not trust the binaries provided.

Release Notes


Released Oct 5, 2014

This release has three major features: Markdown support, Drafts and a dark theme, besides a plethora of bugfixes. It also alleviates problems with invalid posts and text overflows caused by some unicode characters.

Markdown and the dark theme are pretty sweet. You should check it out.


  • When you create a post, it not automatically goes to the relevant page, and highlights the post you just created as a feedback.

  • Aether now remembers the text you put in as a draft, even if you navigate away from the reply or new thread pane. No more accidentally losing what you wrote because you got distracted and clicked something else. When you return to any pane, the draft should still be waiting for you.

  • Text fields now automatically gain focus upon opening.

  • Markdown support! Check Settings / Markdown for more info.

  • Replies pane now shows the number of replies available.

  • Added 'Show more' ability to the profile page rather than a making all-encompassing API call. This increases the loading speed of that page to instantaneous.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the time representation to include the year.

  • Misc. design fixes.

  • A better description for the cooldown attribute in advanced.

  • Fixed a bug where there in certain states there existed needless API calls where the results are guaranteed to be empty.

  • Advanced input fields are now validated, and they do no longer allow free-form input to guarantee correct entry.

  • Improved the single post page to be more useful in a wider range of circumstances.

  • Improved the text on the profile page.

  • Moved the 'Recent threads' to the top, to allow easier glancing.

  • Converted the 'unsubscribe' button from minus to cross icon to reduce ambiguity.

  • The app now acts more consistently if the database is deleted.

  • Fixed a bug where non-breaking unicode characters could overflow their containers.

  • Added type checking to the post intake flow, which should prevent invalid posts from being committed to the database and shown to the user.


Released Sept 21, 2014

This is a bugfix release. It alleviates rare connectivity problems and fixes some minor user interface bugs.

A big shout-out to everyone who sent me their logs in the past couple weeks, because of you I could track down these bugs and see the behaviour on a wide variety of machines. Thank you!

If you've been having connectivity problems, I would recommend installing this release.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed connectivity bugs. This should allow for more consistent availability and connectivity across a wider range of computers.

  • Fixed a bug where the thread creation pane would scroll down if the user tried to edit a part of text that is out of the application frame.


Released Sept 15, 2014

This release brings a lot of design improvements and solves some of the longstanding pain points. There is finally a back button, and the app keeps better track of where the user is to allow for a more natural experience. It also fixes a rare bug which sometimes prevented a new user from connecting to Aether under adverse network conditions.


  • A lot of design improvements and a cleaner look

  • You can now go directly to the location of a reply you have received.

  • Reply page now also supports showing the parent post inline.

  • The app has more memory and awareness of where you are. It does not lose your position, or make you auto scroll to top anymore.

  • You can now subscribe and unsubscribe from the boards easily. Check the plus / minus button on the top right. There is also a 'subscribe' button below the board name, if you're at the boards pane.

  • You can now go back from a thread to the board itself.

  • A new design for the boards. The two interfaces provided (switch at top right) focus on information density, the former and long-form reading, the latter.

  • Converted the order of the boards list to most popular. This makes it easier to find the boards where most interactions take place for the user.

  • The app now keeps track of your scroll position, so when you go into a thread and come back up, you will find the board the way you left it. This makes it easier to discover new threads, as it removes the jarring experience of being forced to scroll to top at every step back.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Aether from initiating new connections if the bootstrap connection was interrupted. I believe this bug is fixed now as Aether is much more persistent in asking for connections. If you encounter the issue of not being able to connect at all still, let me know. This regression was likely caused by the work that went into deprioritising the bootstrap node at 1.2.0 release.

  • Fixed an issue with the homepage where when an username was too long, it overflowed its container, thereby breaking its bounds.

  • The bug at the reply pages where if the user entered a long text and went back up to edit the text provided, it would scroll back to the bottom at every key press is fixed. Now, the reply pane only sticks to the bottom if the user has already scrolled to the bottom.

Technical Improvements

  • When debug mode is enabled, Aether now logs a more complete picture of what's happening in the network. Debug mode is disabled by default.


Released Sept 7, 2014

This release brings the first Linux release of Aether. Besides new features, bug fixes, improvements and refactorings to improve the codebase, it also makes it easier to compile, and ensures that future features are implemented faster.


  • Aether now supports Linux! A native package for Ubuntu and Debian, and a tarball for other distros are now available for download.

  • Aether no longer needs a bootstrap node. You can put your own bootstrap node in the onboarding process when asked, or you can do so afterwards in the settings.

  • Windows and Mac system tray is redesigned. It now makes more sense, and reveals the notifications in a more visible way.

  • Checking for updades is now optional. You can now disable it from settings.

  • Aether now shows the current IP address and Port in the settings. If somebody wants to bootstrap from you, these are the values you should give out. This feature is optional and can be disabled from the user profile json.

  • You can now ask Aether to keep logs via enabling the debug flag in your user profile json. This is useful to see what's happening within Aether. The logs are kept in 'Logs' directory of your user profile.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where in rare cases some successfully terminated connections were marked as faulty and invalidated.

  • Fixed a bunch of issues in the onboarding process.

  • Fixed an issue where the 'Refresh' menu item on the app context menu would break the interface if clicked.

  • Fixed an issue where the notifications would appear multiple times for the same item.

  • Fixed an issue where notifications were improperly raised for excluded items such as topics.

  • Fixed a bug where the user name would not be clickable from the reply notification page.

  • Fixed a bug where in rare cases pause button would bring the application into an inconsistent state.

Technical Improvements

  • Improved the subsystem that makes the decisions on which node to connect to. It no longer assigns the bootstrap node a privileged status.

  • Added integrity checking onto the inbound data arriving from the network.

  • Refactoring of the globals and profile subsystem resulting in merge of these two systems into one. This allows faster future development, and a reliable base upon which new features can save their settings. All the user settings are now saved into userProfile.json file, which is editable by the user.

  • Moved the update checker to the frontend and changed the update checker destination.

  • Added the ability to migrate from 1.1.2 profile to 1.2.0 profile.


Released Jul 13, 2014

This release fixes many bugs and pain points. It also includes a new design for the expanded compose page, and a better main typeface, Merriweather.


  • Fixed an issue where users would receive multiple notifications of the same reply.
  • Links on single post view are now highlighted.
  • Thread header texts are now selectable.
  • Moved the main font from EB Garamond to Merriweather to increase readability on Windows and OS X.
  • Fixed a bug where compose pane would be confused about its current state.
  • Implemented a new design for compose pane to increase consistency and flatten the user flow.
  • All date and time fields are now consistent across the application.
  • Fixed a bug where the language choices at the subject bar would increase and duplicate at each 20 letters.
  • Made the behaviour of the new thread creation flow be in line with rest of the creation interfaces.


Released Jul 6, 2014

This release is a a major rewrite of the internals to provide a better architecture, more stability, speed and headroom to grow.


  • A better, more streamlined interface that helps inexperienced users.
  • Instant notifications
  • Posts can now be exported as text files either individually or in bulk.
  • A much faster and more stable application.

Released Oct 26, 2013

This release is a Mac OS only release that fixes platform bugs specific to OS X.

Bug Fixes: Backend

  • The issue where clicking on dock icon would not bring Aether into view is fixed.
  • Reliability issues.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Released Oct 26, 2013

This release adds Mavericks (10.9) support to Mac OS platform.

Bug Fixes: Backend

  • The issue where Aether would fail to display typefaces on OS X Mavericks is fixed.

Released Oct 24, 2013

This is a Windows only release that fixes a few showstopper bugs.

Bug Fixes: Backend

  • The issue where Aether for Windows would not open unless Visual Studio is installed is fixed.

Released Oct 22, 2013

This is the initial release version of Aether.