Download Aether for Linux

Open this website in a desktop computer to download Aether, or join the mailing list, so you'll be reminded.


Ubuntu & Debian

It should be fairly straightforward. Click the deb, and it will set it up normally.

To uninstall, do a sudo apt-get remove aether on a terminal.

Other distros

The package should have everything you should need to adapt it to your distro, including .desktop files. Aether has no dependencies so it should be fairly easy.

I don't recommend trying to link to the system versions of libraries instead of what I am shipping. I tried that already. It's a world of pain.

If you end up to adapting it to your preferred distro, please let me know so I can link to you.

Known Issues

In Ubuntu, when the application is started at boot if the user chooses to do so, the application icon becomes a question mark.

To prevent this, pin Aether to your Unity Dock.

This happens because Unity isn't smart enough to figure out 'path/to/aether' and 'path/to/aether -openatlogin' (the flag that starts it minimised) are actually pointing to the same app.